Italian and EU Regulatory affairs hired

Description & Responsibilities

The Digital Transformation Team is looking for an experienced professional with proven track record in policy and strategy in the public sector.

You will be responsible for the analysis of the European and national legislative and regulatory frameworks guiding the government actions for the realization of the digital agenda. You will also be responsible for identifying legislative and regulatory interventions and/or modifications needed for the actuation of the Italian Government Innovation and Digital Growth strategy.

This role will manage the relations with other national, European and international Institutions that play a role in Innovation Policy, regulation and execution of the European Digital Agenda, so as with other independent Institutions playing a key role in the digital sector. You will support promoting the right execution of the current legislative framework.

This is the role representing the Digital Transformation Team in the appropriate initiatives and roundtables at the Italian and EU level.

We are seeking a professional with 10+ years of experience, also achieved in the academic world, in the discipline of laws regulating technology, privacy, IP, ecommerce, eprocurement, digital administration and egovernment.

The professional profile must be an author of relevant articles and publications and/or be recognized by the scientific community and/or by the Italian and European institutions as a competent expert.

Moreover, the expert we are looking for must have already attended technical boards in charge of drafting norms and regulations, and more in general, connected with the execution of the European Digital Agenda.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of national and european ICT legislation
  • Strong knowledge of IT and new technologies, privacy, IP and public e-procurement laws.
  • Strongly confident and a 10+ year experience with drafting and reviewing regulatory and legislative documents and deep knowledge of the legislative process
  • Strong knowledge of national, European and international Innovation policies
  • Strong knowledge of European and Member States’ relations in the field of ICT, privacy, IP and regulations connected to public eprocurement.


  • PhD in IT and new technology laws or equivalent
  • Law degree and +15 years of relevant working experience in the public or private sector, with particular focus on the field of digital and innovation
  • Proficiency in English

Last update: 08/03/2017
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