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The “call for talents”, launched by The Digital Transformation Team first time on September 30th, 2016 and, subsequently, on August 3rd, 2017, allowed to create the current team, which has worked on building the “operating system of the country”, a series of fundamental blocks described inside the Three Year Plan for the Digital Transformation of the Italian Public Administration, upon which simpler and more effective services for citizens, the Public Administration, and enterprises are built.

The Team acted both through the development of existing programs and via the creation of new ones, also inspired by successful international models*.

It worked immediately with operations on the enabling platforms that were at a standstill - the National Resident Population Register (ANPR), the digital payment (pagoPA) and digital identity (SPID) platforms - with rigorous actions to ensure the relaunch and development of projects, introducing structured mechanisms and processes, along with recruiting those talents with specific technological and managerial skills.

New programs have been created, like the rationalization of the thousands inefficient data centers of the public administration for a radical migration towards the cloud paradigm and the use of a reduced number of data centers - the Poli Strategici Nazionali (PSN - Strategic National Hubs), the National Digital Data Platform (Data & Analytics Framework) to exploit the value of the Public Administration’s big data, the creation of an API ecosystem to enable a modern and more efficient way for the different software applications of the Public Administration to communicate with each other.

The Team developed the digital public services’ open development and design platforms Developers Italia and Designers Italia, that provide open source code, technical documentation, guidelines, development and design kits, work methodologies, test environments, APIs and an issue tracking system that allow developers, designers and technology providers to contribute to the enabling technologies of the operating system of the country; Docs Italia, to collect, make available and share in public consultation the technical documentation of the enabling technologies developed; and Forum Italia, the platform where citizens, civil servants and technology providers can discuss a range of topics regarding digital transformation, share information, ask and provide suggestions and contribute with new ideas.

In recent months, the Team has dedicated itself to rethinking, designing and launching some services which, due to their utility and frequency of use, have important repercussions on the life of citizens (flagship services). The greatest breakthrough innovation involved the creation of, the app with which citizens will be able to interact with the public administration in the future.

Several of these projects are entering into a critical execution phase, which requires now more talents! For this reason the Team has decided to reopen the application process to look for enthusiastic and technologically super skilled candidates with proven experience in computer science (software architecture, mobile application development, open source software, APIs), mathematics and statistics (predictive models, machine learning), service and product design, user experience, and in the management of complex processes.

We will write very often in english, so its knowledge is required.

Do you share our Manifesto of technological and operating principles? Then send us your resume!

All the open positions reported below are in english and in italian.

Did you already send us your CV and still interested in joining our team? Update your CV and submit it again.

Good luck!

* US Digital Service at the White House (USA) and the UK Government Digital Service at the Cabinet Office of the UK Government (UK), as well as the Estonian model represented by the Estonian Information System Authority.

We would ask for a commitment up to December 31st 2019, as the Digital Transformation Team has been renewed until that date. Read More.

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Last update: 07/31/2019
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