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National Resident Population Register (ANPR)

In short

Today, our identities are dispersed throughout eight thousand municipal registers. We must unite them into a single registry, gaining in terms of efficiency and saving money and energy, so that citizens no longer have to worry about providing their personal data or change of residence to each Public Administration office, in order to simplify the variation procedures and to standardise them at a national level, so that it is possible to obtain certificates without the need to go to an official office.

The benefits for citizens and the public administration

ANPR is an essential step in the digital agenda for enabling future innovations, since having a database at a national level will allow for the advancement of self-certification procedures by shortening and automating all procedures related to master data.

With ANPR, the administrations will be able to efficiently dialogue with each other, having a single, reliable source for citizens' data. Even today, however, ANPR allows citizens to obtain immediate benefits, such as the request for official certificates in all municipalities, making the change of one's residence simpler and immediate. Shortly, the possibility of obtaining certificates from a single portal will also be activated.

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The data

The dashboard data is updated on a daily basis.

The Team's Role

ANPR is an essential step in enabling future innovations, which would be impossible or very expensive today. The project existed well before the birth of the Digital Transformation Team: we took over the direction with the aim of creating a clear roadmap for implementation, modernising the operative method and accelerating its completion. In our blog here below, we share our vision of the project, the actions taken so far and the next steps we wish to take. Follow us on Twitter for all the news.

From the blog

2019, a turning point for ANPR: Italy moves closer to establishing a national registry

By the end of this year, 45 million Italian citizens are expected to have registered in the national population registry – 03/28/2019


ANPR is a project of national relevance. To foster a discussion and an exchange of viewpoints, as well as to encourage the participation of all players involved in the project (starting from the 8,000+ Italian municipalities involved in the operation!), we created a forum


Read the latest tweets about the project #ANPR.


Any contact request from the media and journalists should be addressed to the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office.

Last update: 05/13/2019
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