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The API ecosystem

Simone Piunno

Simone Piunno

Chief Technology Officer - Technology & Architecture

Contributed to the project: Giovanni Bajo

In short

This project represents the execution of Chapter 5 Interoperability Model of the Three-year Plan.

Public Administration IT systems must be connected to each other and must speak the same language, rendering the information immediately available wherever it is needed. All applications will have to expose interfaces that are comprehensible to the machines (the so-called APIs - Application Programming Interface) and work in an integrated, collaborative and secure manner, facilitating the reuse of existing applications to build new, more powerful and innovative solutions.

The old SPCoop Application Cooperation model, based on the Porte di Dominio, is no longer effective and will be superseded by a new open model (published for consultation), which will also have the objective of simplifying the convention procedures between the entities and the interaction with the Data Protection Authority.

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The role of the Team

Together with AgID, we are working on the definition of the technical rules, guidelines, technology standards and the profiles that each public administration must adopt, as well as on the design of a new API Catalogue.


Any contact request from the media and journalists should be addressed to the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office.


May 2017 Three-year Plan

The three-year plan for IT in the public administration was endorsed by the Prime Minister. The plan devotes an entire chapter to the Interoperability Model, in which it establishes certain basic principles and defines an action plan.

July 2017 Publication of the Guidelines for transitioning to the new Interoperability Model

The Guidelines for transitioning to the new Interoperability Model have been published, providing certain preliminary instructions on the steps to be followed pending the issuance of the complete documentation.

May 2018 Open Consultation of the New Interoperability Model

The Interoperability Model is published for consultation

August 2018 New Interoperability Model is fully published

The New Interoperability Model in its final version is complete and published.

December 2018 API Marketplace

First version of the API Catalog/Marketplace

Last update: 05/13/2019
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