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Data & Analytics Framework (DAF)

In short

No more private silos belonging to this or that administration, with public data being a common good and a precious resource for the country that, like an oil field, can be explored and mined to extract value. We are seeking a new interface within which the single administrations can communicate and share data and APIs in a free and open way, allowing for the creation of new and previously-unthinkable services and data applications realised on the basis of the needs of the citizen. Obviously, this is all with the utmost respect for the regulations on privacy and in complete technological security.

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Data & Analytics Framework

From “this data is mine and I manage it” to “these data are ours and we manage them together” – 12/20/2017


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January 2017 Start phase of the project

The DAF project begins to take shape within the Team with the creation of the group working on the data

April 2017 Start of development on SPC cloud infrastructure

Start the creation of the Big Data architecture on SPC cloud (allotment 1). Opening of the repositories as open source software that is downloadable from the link

June-December 2017 Data ingestion in the DAF - Experimental phase

Definition of the databases to be included in the project in the experimental phase and the commissioning of the extraction and ingestion procedures. Defining the relationships between the DAF manager and the PAs involved in the initiative.

December 2017 Definition and creation of the development plan for the Data & Analytics testing phase

Identification of the governance model of the DAF and the public administrations that will be part of the testing phase. Defining the platform architecture and its evolutionary roadmap. Definition of use cases for the development of services for Public Administrations, citizens and business.

January 2018 Production release of the DAF

The Digital Team and AgID will draw up the procedures for the future owner of the DAF who will manage the operation and the evolution of the project. The owner of the DAF will take care of the interactions with the public administrations to define plans for incorporating their databases and usage cases. From time to time, they will define the data ingestion means and how the DAF is suited to its own activities.

Last update: 01/22/2018
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