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Designers Italia

Contributed to the project: Laura Bordin

In short

We intend to create guidelines, examples and development kits that can help all administrations in offering digital services that are easy for citizens to use. We want to introduce a development logic and continuous improvement, given that digital products and interfaces must be a living entity that evolves together with the users' needs and digital innovations. The first step was the creation of Designers Italia.

The role of the Team

The objective of Designers Italia is to disseminate a culture of design in digital services that makes the citizen the focal point, in order to save time and money for the public administration and to raise the quality of the services. The digital transformation team has strengthened the existing project relative to the guidelines of the public websites by creating a platform - Designers Italia - that constitutes a meeting point between the world of design and the public administration. All documentation relating to the design guidelines should come from its alpha version and embrace all aspects of human-centred design: service design, user interface design, content design and user research. Designers Italia not only produces guides and kits for all public administrations, but directly follows some of the public "infrastructural" digital services such as PagoPA and SPID, whilst activating the creation of models for the different types of public websites, starting from a project dedicated to school websites.

From the blog

Towards a new generation of public services: Designers Italia’s design kits

Designers Italia presents the new kits to help design modern, simple digital services without having to reinvent the wheel every time – 03/12/2019


A space for discussions about the design of public services.

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For any contact request received from the media and journalists, the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office is the point of reference.

Last update: 03/13/2019
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