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Designers Italia

Contributed to the project: Matteo de SantiLaura Bordin


Designers Italia is both a platform and a design team that serves as a reference point for Italian public service design and a meeting point for technicians, designers and public officials. Designers Italia provides:

Benefits for citizens and for the Public Administration

The first goal of Designers Italia is to support the creation of new digital public services that are more effective, inclusive and easier to use, starting with the IO Project. To do this, Designers Italia provides methods and worktools that can be accessed by the entire community of developers and designers working on public services.

Thanks to Designers Italia’s design system, administrations are no longer forced to “reinvent the wheel” every time they want to create a new service. The design system also increases the effectiveness of the services they design.

The Team’s Role

The Digital Transformation Team has updated the design guidelines for the Public Administration’s digital services so that they now cover the entire design cycle of digital services, from the research phase to the design phase, from the development phase to the evaluation of results.

The Team’s main efforts involved combining a regulatory approach with an equally indispensable set of practical tools (service design kits) as well as a community to support the use of these tools.

Not only does Designers Italia produce guidelines and kits for all public administrations, but it follows public “infrastructural” digital services like pagoPA, SPID and the IO project directly and creates models for different types of websites, starting with sites for schools and municipalities.

From the blog

Towards a new generation of public services: Designers Italia’s design kits

Designers Italia presents the new kits to help design modern, simple digital services without having to reinvent the wheel every time – 03/12/2019

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A space for discussions about the design of public services.


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For any contact request received from the media and journalists, the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office is the point of reference.

Last update: 10/09/2019
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