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Developers Italia

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In short

Developers Italia is the community dedicated to the development of Open Source Software to support Italian digital public services.

It is a radical change in the way the Public Administration operates. Everything we are doing is using open standards and software, we are creating SDKs for the main programming languages and frameworks, we craft publicly documented APIs. Our documentation is written with proper technical language (instead of the usual lawmakers’ dialect). Around these tools we are engaging a community of developers and innovators, that can participate in all aspects of the creation of the new digital infrastructure.

Find out about the technical aspects on Developers Italia

The role of the Team

The Digital Team immediately became a promoter and took charge of the creation of the Developers Italia community. We decided to rely on common, public tools (GitHub for the code, ReadTheDocs for the documentation, Discourse for the forum, Slack for the chat), around which the main site was created (saving money and time) that showcases both the projects and the activities.

We then began to immediately involve the people who were approaching the project, through periodic online calls, drafting open roadmaps and architectural documents. At the same time, we meet with the administrations that take responsability for the main "enabling platforms" (the pillars of the new digital infrastructure, on which digital services are built) and began a journey with them to bring the development of those projects within Developers Italia.

Following this approach we organized Hack Developers, the largest hackathon about public services. Here’s some footage from this event, which took place in 26 Italian cities in October 2017:

In 2018, working closesly with AgID, we worked on the new Guidelines for Acquisition and Reuse of Software which apply a new model based on open source.

From the blog

Developers Italia is born, the developers community of Italian digital government services

Source code, discussion areas and a new document management system will all be available on – 04/07/2017

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For any contact request received from the media and journalists, the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office is the point of reference.


March 2017 Opening of Developers Italia

During the Codemotion event in Rome, in front of an audience of 2,000 programmers, we announced the GitHub repository and the official opening of the Developers Community.

May 2017 Publication of the SPID roadmap

The SPID roadmap, publicly available and constantly updated, becomes the first roadmap of an Italian technological service published to be shared with all the interested parties, and used to coordinate the development activities.

June 2017 Starting the tender process for small companies and startups (€1m)

With an innovative process, supported by the main Italian tech communities, we activated a process aimed at starting a series of tenders in support of the implementation of open-source community projects, with a total budget of 1 million euro.

July 2017 Sharing our plans with the software companies

We met the leading Italian software companies that create software for the public administration, had a discussion with them regarding Developers Italia and the new challenges in innovation that will open up more and more innovative services.

October 2017 National Hackathon

We created the biggest Italian "code sprint", gathering more than 800 developers working on the open-source code of the Public Administration, resulting in dozens of projects that were immediately available to speed up the digitisation of public services.

Q4 2017 10 projects in Developers Italia

Our objective is to integrate the development of 10 different community projects, involving the administrations responsible for them in the new open and collaborative development model.

Q1 2018 Going beyond the "Catalogue of the Reuse" model

We published the new [guidelines]( that supersede the current AgID "Reuse Catalogue", promoting the publishing of all code on collaborative platforms (such as GitHub or GitLab). We aim to go beyond (and simplify) the current system for sharing the code between different administrations, a system which doesn't have the need for contracts or other bureaucratic impediments.

Q2 2018 API catalogue

Developers Italia now contains a new API catalogue with Swagger integration. Further work is planned on this catalogue.

Q3 2018 Developers Italia 2.0

In addition to the national enabling platforms, Developers Italia will host the new Reuse Catalogue for open source and reusable software, according to the new guidelines.

Last update: 10/17/2018
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