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Digital Citizenship

In short

The Digital Citizenship project aims to make interactions between citizens and the Public Administration easier and more familiar, by designing digital services around the citizen and his or her information.

Through an open platform of shared components for building digital services, we will create an experience that will follow the citizen in the interactions with local and national services, as if it were a single great digital home.

The aim is to provide a simpler and more familiar mechanism for the Public Administration to communicate with citizens, to provide notification of acts, reminders of deadlines, and share information and documents through an interface built around the citizen.

The role of the Team

The Digital Team immediately undertook a process of communication concerning the vision, coordination and alignment of all the initiatives already underway or in the design phase, with the aim of creating a single ecosystem of national and shared components.

Together with AgID, the Digital Transformation Team is developing a number of initiatives that are fundamental for the realisation of Digital Citizenship:

The APIs for communication and preferences’ management

The APIs for preferences’ management will allow the citizen to centrally manage all the information associated with his/her digital citizen profile. This information makes it possible to create personalised digital services (communication channels, language preference, privacy settings, and so on).

The APIs for communication provide a single channel that the Public Administration can use to send communications, notices, and reminders about deadlines. This communication system is in turn integrated with the APIs for preferences management to allow the services to communicate with the citizens based on his/her contact preferences.

The APIs are developed as open source, with both the backlog of the activities and the code being freely accessible:

To foster a discussion and an exchange of viewpoints, and to encourage the participation of all the players involved in the projects, we created a forum (Italian).

The Digital Citizenship application

An application designed to meet the needs of the citizen, providing a digital place for accessing the experience of Digital Citizenship.

The Digital Citizenship application aims to be a testing ground to try out integration with the enabling platforms, providing a reference implementation for all the Public Administrations wanting to develop digital services.

The application and its components are developed as open source, with both the backlog of the activities and the code being freely accessible:


For Citizens

  • access the archive of communications with the public administration
  • manage contact details from a central access point
  • manage notices in an “integrated” mode (such as when making payments or marking deadlines on one’s own calendar)

For Administrations

  • send electronic communications using only the tax code (without having to ask for the citizens’ contact address)
  • not having to deal with the management and updating of contacts
  • give greater authority to communications from the administration
  • communicate deadlines and facilitate the payment of taxes
  • determine the status of sending and reading of the communication


November 2017 Release of the Communications and Preferences API (beta version)

January 2018 Release of Communications and Preferences API (production)

June 2018 Release of the Digital Citizenship application (beta version)


Any contact request from the media and journalists should be addressed to the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communications office.

Last update: 02/14/2018
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