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Public Digital Identity System (SPID)

In short

SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, is the solution that allows the access to all the Public Administration’s online services with a single Digital Identity that can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones. Today, our digital credentials are different for each service that we access. A drastic reduction in their number would lead to the simplification of the citizen's life and to greater security.

Benefits for citizens and the public administration

SPID allows the Public Administration to remove locally-managed authentication services, thus saving on such costs both in terms of maintenance and work necessary for issuing credentials. Moreover, the quality of the identification provided by the SPID is normally higher and also provides guarantees to the public administration itself during the provision of services.

Citizens have the opportunity to maintain only one set of credentials, which can be used with all of the Public Administration services and which, amongst other things, ensures greater security, especially when SPID Levels 2 and 3 are used. Furthermore, unlike other popular log-in systems, SPID guarantees that every connected service always receives only the minimum information necessary for the provision of the service, without sharing usage information with others, thus guaranteeing the privacy of citizens. Finally, a SPID identity can be used to access all of the Public Administration services for all countries that are members of the European Union.

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The data

The dashboard data is updated on a weekly basis. Last update:

The role of the Team

SPID is a service conceived and designed by AgID. The Digital Team has taken on its coordination, with the aim of encouraging its evolution and strengthening it as a key infrastructure system for the country. The Team will be responsible for managing its opening up to private Service Providers, the integration of Attribute Authorities and the improvement of its usability, introducing work methodologies and performance measurement tools. In the blog, you will find our vision of the project and the role it will play in the country's Operating System.


SPID is a project of national importance. To encourage discussion and an exchange of viewpoints, and to favour the participation of all the plays involved in the project, we created a forum.


For any contact request received from the media and journalists, the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office is the point of reference.

Last update: 09/14/2019
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