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pagoPA digital payments

Contributed to the project: Giuseppe Virgone

In short

A different and more natural way for citizens to pay the Public Administration, which becomes more immediate, faster, and cheaper for the country.

Citizens must be able to choose modern payment methods with minimal friction, whilst the market must be able to integrate and easily add new innovative payment instruments. We want to make the system more open and flexible.

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Advantages for citizens

  • National integrated multi-channel system with transparency of fees costs, i. e. the citizen has as many payment channels as possible.
  • Uniformity of the paper notice and possibility to notify citizens digitally on the channels they prefer (notifications on the app or on the chosen PSP site, SMS or e-mail).
  • Certainty of the debt amount (i. e. the amount to be paid is always the amount valid and required by the PA. If the amount varies over time for interest on arrears or otherwise, pagoPA will always be updated).
  • Simplicity and speed of the process: just enter the notice code (IUV Single Identification Payment) to pay and receive the release receipt or the certainty that the PA has collected the tax and there can be no subsequent checks or assessments.

Advantages for Public Administrations

  • Automatic reconciliation of collections.
  • Reduction of transaction and process costs.
  • Settlement in D+1 (working day following payment) directly from treasury accounts.
  • To supply more than one payment channel means to collect first.

The data

The dashboard data is updated on a weekly basis. Last update:

The role of the Team

To allow pagoPA to evolve in a market logic, whilst permitting access to pagoPA for Public Administration services.

Improve the user experience by replicating the processes and methods already in use in the payments market and used daily by citizens. Allow for the main players within the payment market to be able to offer their own tools to citizens, also for paying for Public Administration services.

We have thus created, in collaboration with AgID, the new functional specifications of the payment component of pagoPA, creating a simple and secure User Experience and a modern and engaging notification system. These changes will soon be visible, with the larger municipalities having already become involved.

From the blog


pagoPA is a project of national importance. To encourage discussion and an exchange of viewpoints, and to favour the participation of all the plays involved in the project, we created a forum.


Read the latest tweets about the project: #pagopa.


For any contact request received from the media and journalists, the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office is the point of reference.


July 2017 WISP 1.3 release

October 2017 SDK mobile WISP 2.0 release

December 2017 Pre-production release of WISP 2.0 and a mobile SDK, to be tested by Public Administrations

June 2018 Release of the new paper notification's guidelines

January 2019 Release WISP 2.0 for all Public Administration

Last update: 09/14/2019
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