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Digital transformation plan

Simone Piunno

Simone Piunno

Chief Technology Officer - Technology & Architecture

In short

The three-year plan is a document with a strategic direction laid out by the Stability Law no. 208 of 28th December 2015. Its purpose is to describe the country's operating system and to guide the Public Administration in coherently implementing the investments necessary for its actuation. In reading the plan, each administration will find directions on the choices to be made in order to implement an organic digital transformation, including the rationalisation of data centres and cloud migration, the adoption of a unique digital identity system and a single payment platform within the specific services, the open sharing of its data and the security of its infrastructures.

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In this forum you can find all the discussions related to the three-year plan.


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For any contact request received from the media and journalists, the Digital Transformation Team’s press and communication office is the point of reference.

Last update: 05/13/2019
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