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Docs Italia

Contributed to the project: Giovanni Bajo

In short

Docs Italia is the platform for public documents available to all administrations to manage documents in a transparent and useful way for citizens. Furthermore, Docs Italia is, together with Forum Italia, the national platform for the governance of the digital transformation envisaged by the article 18 of the CAD (Digital Administration Code) to manage documents related to the digital agenda and the consultation processes.

Benefits for citizens

  • Easy and pleasant public documents to read, even on your smartphone.
  • Easier to search for information in documents and between documents.
  • Easier to share portions of content on the web.

Benefits for the Public Administration

  • Keep documents up-to-date and make the evolution visible.
  • Ability to generate a pdf (or .epub) version when necessary.
  • Tools to support the creation of simpler and easy to read documents.
  • Greater effectiveness in information offered and greater transparency.
  • Ability to quickly consult citizens on initiatives of the administration.


Read the latest tweets about the project #DocsItalia.


For every contact request from media and journalists, the point of reference is the press and communication office of the Digital Transformation Team.


March 2017 Docs Italia goes live

The very first version of Docs Italia is live. It is still entirely based on the open source project ReadTheDocs

March 2017 The three-year plan for digital transformation has been published

The three-year plan for information technology in the Public Administration is published on the first version of Docs Italia

March 2018 New features added

The platform now has a new theme and manages the process of public consultation of documents, as established by the CAD

June 2018 Published the guidelines for open source software

The guidelines for the adoption and use of open source software are published on the first version of Docs Italia

October 2018 New release of Docs Italia

New style for documents, allowing more flexible solutions to produce documents that are even easier and more pleasant to read

End of 2019 New navigation and search functionality among documents, each institution will have a dedicated section for documents

Better taxonomy and links between related documents, improving and debugging of research features

End of 2019 Each organization may have a dedicated section for its documents

It will be possible to have a customized version of the Docs Italia interface for each institution

Last update: 10/09/2019
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