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The “call for talents”, launched by The Digital Transformation Team last September allowed to create the current team, which has worked on building the “operating system of the country”. A series of fundamental blocks described inside the Three Year Plan for the Digital Transformation of the Italian Public Administration, upon which simpler and more effective services for citizens, the Public Administration, and enterprises are built.

The team already started several projects, such as PagoPA, a unique node for Italian public payments, where people can pay taxes, university tuition fees and school meals, fines and TARI (solid waste tax), and ANPR, a single national database designed to combine the demographic data of all Italian residents and Italian residents abroad. In addition to that the Team launched Developers Italia and Designers Italia, the community platforms that provide technical documentation, development and design kits, testing environments, guidelines and a forum, in order to promote the development of digital public services.

The Three Year Plan enters into a critical exectuion phase, which requires now more talents! For this reason the Team has decided to reopen the application process to look for enthusiastic and technologically super skilled candidates with proven experience in computer science (software architecture, mobile application development, open source software, APIs), mathematics and statistics (predictive models, machine learning), product design, user experience.

We will write very often in english, so its knowledge is required.

Do you share our Manifesto of technological and operating principles? Then send us your resume!

All the open positions reported below are in english and in italian.

Did you already send us your CV and still interested in joining our team? Update your CV and submit it again. Good luck!

We would ask for a commitment up to September 2018.

Open positions

Closed positions

Last update: 01/22/2018
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