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At the moment we don’t have open positions.

A big thanks to the many people who have participated so enthusiastically!

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind: we are going to be working in a government environment. We will have the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly bright, smart, strong-willed and well-intentioned people scattered around the Public Administration who have a sincere desire to improve and do the right things. There are, in fact, modern and innovative teams and excellent but isolated units, capable of achieving a lot with few resources.

However, the current status of the public digital infrastructure shows the consequence of lack of agile central coordination. Much has been done in the recent past, but most of the programs are not aligned and many systems and websites were built with outdated technology, insufficient attention to user experience, poor integration and, often, a lack of interoperability.

We will also find many complicated, sometimes unintelligible, norms and rules; we will need to be prepared to cleverly deal with bureaucracy.

People will tell us “you don’t comprehend how the public administration works”, “many already tried and failed” and “in Italy it doesn’t work this way!”

We will get a lot of criticism. Some will be sincere and helpful, some will be prejudiced and cynical. The former will come from people who genuinely want to help, the latter from people who either need to defend the status quo or believe the glass is always “half empty” or, more simply, have learned helplessness.

For those who are not afraid of such obstacles, who feel a deep connection with these objectives and with these principles, thrive in ambiguous situations, have a knack for simplification, our team is the right place.

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