Digital innovation for citizens and for the development of the country


The “operating system” of the country: a series of fundamental blocks upon which services for citizens, the Public Administration, and enterprises are built with modern digital products.


Make public services for citizens and businesses accessible in an easy manner, via a mobile first approach, with reliable, scalable and fault tolerant architectures, based on clearly defined APIs; support the different central and local government departments in making the best and most data driven decisions, thanks to the adoption of big data and machine learning techniques.


  1. Coordinate the different government and PA stakeholders to manage existing and future digital programs in an integrated manner with an agile methodology and an open data approach
  2. Identify new digital and technology transformation initiatives
  3. Become one authoritative centre of digital and innovation competence for the different government and PA stakeholders in order to share guidelines, directives and opinions
  4. Create a community of developers and designers who can contribute to the development of Application Programming Interfaces and digital services; report and solve technological challenges; provide information and training on digital innovation principles and create a shared wealth of tools and services
  5. Lay a foundation for an evolving architecture that will grow over time and will stay on top of emerging technological trends


Our Manifesto of Technological and Operating Principles

For now it is a decalogue, then who knows

  1. Security and privacy are the most important tenets; the team never makes compromises in this regard
  2. We will value existing technological assets; we will not rebuild what already works in the Italian PA and will also be inspired by functional international models
  3. We will be obsessed with simplification; everything we do will be easy to use for all citizens
  4. We will think and design with a mobile first approach
  5. We will evaluate and leverage open source technologies
  6. We will follow modern design patterns, including service oriented, fault tolerant, scalable and elastic architecture
  7. We will be relentlessly data driven; we will apply machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, whenever necessary to solve complex problems
  8. We will be open and vocal about our technical innovations, publishing papers that detail what we built, the decisions we took, the mistakes we made and the benefits we saw
  9. We will lay out a long term vision, but also identify intermediate milestones that allow us to quickly deliver value to Italian citizens
  10. We will continue learning; we will not limit ourselves to these principles and we will add new ones
Last update: 12/11/2018
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