Eric Ezechieli

Co-founder, Nativa

Eric Ezechieli

Co-founder and Evolution Officer of Nativa, a purpose driven design company, first Certified B Corp® and Benefit Corporation in Europe. Chairman of The Natural Step International.

Co-founder of Singularity University Italy (Positive Impact SB) and organiser of the SingularityU Italy Summit 2017.

Most Valuable Player 2016 of the global B Corp movement for introducing the legal form Società Benefit in Italy.

Eric leverages first principles design to create regenerative organisations. He advises and coaches leadership in corporations, NGOs, and the public sector to design economic activities that have a positive impact on people and biosphere.

Lecturer and teacher in universities, keynote speaker in multiple leaders’ forums.

Alumnus of Singularity University, Stanford, and Bocconi.

Ski mountaineer & long distance triathlete.

Last update: 09/22/2017
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