Rand Hindi

CEO and Founder, SNIPS

Rand Hindi

Dr. Rand Hindi is an entrepreneur and data scientist. He is the Founder and CEO of Snips, the AI platform for Voice-enabled devices that is open-source and private by design. Rand started coding at the age of 10, founded a Social Network at 14, and a web agency at 15, before getting into Machine Learning at 18, and doing a PhD in Bioinformatics at 21. He has been elected as a TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, as a “30 under 30” by Forbes, and is a member of the French Digital Council (Conseil National du Numérique), where he leads the “AI and Jobs” taskforce in the government’s AI strategy.

He holds a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Bioinformatics from University College London (UCL), as well as two graduate degrees from Singularity University in Silicon Valley and THNK in Amsterdam.

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Last update: 09/19/2017
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