Developer Relations hired

Description & Responsibilities

The Digital Transformation Team is looking for an experienced Developer Relations manager to lead all developer related activities.

We want to completely change how developers are working with the Public Administration in Italy. You will be at the center of this transformation and will represent all of our activities in front of both Italian and foreign developers. You will be responsible for the management of the developer community: you’ll help developers succeed as they create innovative and cutting-edge web and mobile applications based on the platforms and APIs that will be created. You will lead the creation of a rich ecosystem based on open source software that will take advantage of services such as GitHub for managing the applications and digital platforms created by the Team for the Digital Transformation.

You will be responsible for supporting the community of developers around the world, making them successful in building cutting-edge and exciting mobile and web applications on the Digital Transformation Team’s platforms and APIs, and for building the official GitHub repository for the mobile applications and digital platforms under development by the Digital Transformation Team.

We’re looking for people with a proven track record in building relations with communities of developers, with a strong technical experience and great hands-on with open software.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong experience in creating developer communities focused on developing third-party applications and APIs and in helping external developers to use open source software, APIs and third-party software platforms.
  • Strong experience in coordinating and executing both online and offline outreach and support programs. This could include responsibility for large-scale third parties’s developer events, as well as having responsibility for local content, developer blogs and social networking channels
  • Experience in attaining high visibility personally, potentially giving keynotes at third parties’s events, speaking at third-party events, and actively engaging with regional governments, universities and business/startup groups
  • Experience in managing relationships with, and foster creation of, local developer communities, both formal and informal (discussion boards, casual meet-ups, non-affiliated user groups) and in meeting with local developers and businesses, promoting third parties’s technologies to them
  • Strong experience in software architecture, mobile and web app development and in using the most common programming languages (HTML/Javascript, Phyton/C++/Ruby, PHP, …) and landscapes (Android, iOs, …) and web services architecture (REST, WebSockets, JSON, etc.)
  • Strong experience and knowledge of the most important open software communities and sharing tools such as GitHub
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal, and analytical skills, ability to communicate complex interaction concepts clearly


  • MS degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field with +10 years of relevant experience in software engineering, mobile and web app development, open software and APIs, use of GitHub and related tools for open software sharing channels
  • Proficiency in English

Last update: 08/03/2017
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