International Collaborations hired

Description & Responsibilities

The Digital Transformation Team is looking for an international senior professional with deep and proven experience in working for government digital offices in other countries.

You will coordinate all the international collaborations between the Digital Transformation Team and the other foreign government digital services, among which the UK Government Digital Service, the Australian Digital Transformation Team and the US Digital Service.

You will be responsible for providing the Digital Transformation Team with very deep analysis of international benchmarks related to other government digital services, both in terms of definition of digital strategies and legislative, operational and technological implementation.

We’re looking for a talented international professional with a proven experience in the field, with a strong technical background and with ability to lead and coordinate teams.

Key Qualifications

  • A proven track record in the field, with an experience working for other government digital offices around the world
  • Deep knowledge of other government digital offices’ strategies and their legislative, operational and technological implementation
  • Hands-on experience in the implementation of specific digital projects, among which a digital marketplace for public procurement, the execution of a “cloud first” strategy, a digital identity platform and a flexible and scalable digital payment platform
  • A track record in the analysis of foreign innovation policies and international benchmarks
  • Highly confident with the concept of “Government as a Platform”
  • Highly motivated, goal driven, with an innovative, creative and open minded approach
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal, and analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate complex interaction concepts clearly
  • Ability in managing collaborations with other government digital services around the world
  • Excellent critical thinking, communication skills, problem solving skills
  • Track record in providing leadership, direction, and mentorship for a team of professionals


  • MBA or MS in computer science or related quantitative field with 4+ years of relevant experience working for other government digital offices around the world
  • Proficiency in English

Last update: 08/03/2017
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