Mirko Calvaresi

Technical Project Manager

I am passionate about the web up from 1996 when I made my first web site on virtual communities described by Howard Rheingold, but I think the best definition of the technologies that I love has given Italo Calvino in “American Lessons”:

Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility, Multiplicity, Consistency

The opportunity to join this extraordinary group came to me while I was working in Zurich for an American multinational, Epam, as lead developer and solution architect.

I started in 2000 with e-learning for a company Enel Group, before moving to the web, with a focus on search technology, data integration and universal interfaces.

I had my first international experience in 2007 when I worked for Tom Tom, dealing the backend for downloading maps, and that was the opportunity to sign the Agile Manifesto.

I worked in Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Italy and I coordinated and managed development teams both in Italy and outside, trained and accompanied the path of junior developers and managing teams in different geographic locations.

My specialties are in the development architecture of open source components of the Java platform, Linux, and my current interests include security and privacy of data in distributed applications.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering and a Communication and Marketing; I speak Italian, English, German.

I am intrigued to the project for the clean and simple style of his presentation and I sent my short CV in English. I received the team’s call after a few weeks, but what convinced me was the selection process to which I was subjected (including the code test) and transparency and human qualities that I met in the encounter with Diego.

My passions are my wife Barbara and my sons Leonardo and Vittoria, who take me by the hand to the earth to the things that really matter.

Start Date: January 31, 2017

Period Provided: until December 31, 2019

Annual Compensation: € 80,000

Approved by the Court of Auditors: The act of appointment is being registered at the Court of Auditors

Last update: 09/14/2019
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