Federico Feroldi

Software Architect

I was 6 when my hands landed on a computer for the first time. It was a ZX80 that my father used to teach me the basics of programming. Coding software became first my passion, then my profession. In the ‘80s and ‘90s I began to experiment with communication networks with BBSs first, then Fidonet and finally the Internet.

My professional journey began in ’96, developing web applications and sites. I got my Computer Science Engineering degree in 2008, at the Politecnico di Milano. In the last 20 years I’ve worked for many international Internet companies as well as for some startups. Recently I became an entrepreneur, founding three technology companies: Cloudify, in 2009, focused on cloud computing; Coderloop in 2010, involved in recruiting tech (one of the few Italian startups with an exit in Silicon Valley) and Measurence, in 2014, a sophisticated analytics platform for the real world, built in the last two years together with my partner Elio and an incredible team, that has grown to become an internationally recognized business with a bright future.

These experiences allowed me to meet and work with many talented people in Europe and in the US, helping me to grow a both personally and professionally.

I learned about the Digital Transformation Team while I was in Italy, after almost four years spent in San Francisco and New York. Here we often look at realities like Silicon Valley as a kind of mythical technological Makkah. To be honest, as an Italian who has gone there and came back, I can affirm that the talents that we have in our country are comparable or sometimes even better than abroad.

The Digital Transformation Team is, for me, a concrete opportunity to prove that we can be competitive on the international stage, we can improve the day to day life of our fellow citizens, we can contribute to push our country’s technological growth, and we can showcase the Italian talents so admired and sought-after abroad. A unique challenge with many important personal implications. By moving to another town I will have much less time to spend with Luisa, my wife and friend, with whom I have experienced so many adventures and who has gave me love and moral support since the beginning, leading me to accept this opportunity. I will do my best to give the Team my 20 years of experience in developing web technologies and products. My goal? Making the Italian digital infrastructure a model for the European and world communities.

Start Date: January 9, 2017

End Date: November, 4 2019

Period Provided: until December 31, 2019

Annual Compensation: € 100,000

Approved by the Court of Auditors: The act of appointment is being registered at the Court of Auditors

Last update: 11/06/2019
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