Alessandro Sebastiani

Software Developer

I have always had a passion for technology. As a little child, I drove my parents crazy trying to understand the inner workings of electronic devices, as, naturally, to see what was going on inside I had to break them. The idea of ​​programming, of creating something that worked following my logic immediately intrigued me. That curiosity turned into nights and whole days spent studying, discovering, supported by dozens of caffè. During those nights I spent a lot of time on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and met a lot of people online that shared my interests.

My very first working experience was in Ericsson Italia, in particular for the customer H3G. At first I worked only on purely systemistics and integrative aspects then I moved onto the develop OSS software. Afterwards I worked as a contributor to a Perl project with a Web approach (CGI, ambitious for that time) for service monitoring and finally I worked as creator of services for desktop environments (TCL / TK - GTK2) and server components.

In 2009, Ericsson Italia’s decided to transfer the services and knowledge departments to the Bucharest branch, so I found myself leading a task force for the handover process. There I had the unique opportunity to get to know a very different reality from the one I was used to. Meeting people at the head of international projects coming from all over the world was an insightful experience and it made me grow both on a professional and on a cultural level.

When the international experience with Ericsson was over, I seized the opportunity offered me by my current company (PuntoCom), a job as a software engineer in a project aimed at creating a dashboard for the collection of VoIP network metrics for Telecom Italia. In a short time, this project has become the internal reference for 24/7 monitoring. With this project I started to deal with data-driven/event-driven programming paradigm.

Once this project for Telecom Italia came to an end, I started to work t as a full stack developer, writing in Java with the Spring framework for the backend and GWT for the frontend, to then migrate to pure js, also achieving various certifications in the field. During this time I had the opportunity to develop an OSS solution for several French telco players which was then customized and modeled according to the needs of the operator and based on its network (multi-vendor / release).

In recent years, I worked again for Telecom Italia, I led the technical transformation of a project operating on the entire network, leveraging the introduction of innovative open source technologies and Agile development methodologies. I built a strong background on relational databases, NoSQL, BigData and Time-series DB, as well as on different development technologies (microservices) and Javascript and DevOps frameworks.

I was a co-founder member of retisenzafrontiere, a non-profit association against the digital divide that aims to provide the most modern connectivity technologies in areas with poor coverage, with a DIY approach. I have a passion for home automation and IoT, on which I invest a large part of my free time.

I love practicing sports and I especially love mountain biking. These hobbies sometimes bring me away from my family that in spite of everything still supports me..

When I learned that the Digital Transformation Team was searching for new talent I did not hesitate and I applied within minutes. The possibility of joining a group of highly talented professionals and being able to contribute personally to improving the current state of my country convinced me immediately.

Start Date: April 18, 2019

Period Provided: until December 31, 2019

Annual Compensation: € 70,000

Approved by the Court of Auditors: The act of appointment is being registered at the Court of Auditors

Last update: 02/18/2020
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