Fabiana Lanotte

Software Developer

Fabiana Lanotte

I’m a software developer and a woman - in short, an outlier in the italian context.

However, it’s hard for me to fit into a single definition: I know several programming languages, but I’m also an expert in big data, data mining, web mining, data science and I’m passionate of scientific research.

I graduated in Computer Science with honors from the University of Bari.

I am the co-founder of an innovative startup whose mission is to monitor the quality of life in urban areas in terms of crimes, through the use of data mining algorithms on online news stories.

This experience taught me a lot. I learned to create products rather than prototypes – which is what happened at the university.

I became familiar with the public administration world and with its bureaucracy, which is made of “paperwork,” footnotes, tax stamps and a lot of paper.

I’m a Ph.d. student at the University of Bari, I will defence in May.

Thanks this experience I have discovered the world of scientific research, 20% of which is made of gratification, while the remaining 80% consists of studying, working, responsibility, passion and sacrifice (researchers and doctoral students know that this list is much longer).

Moreover, during the years of my ph.d. I had the opportunity to work for eight months at the University of Illinois, one of the world’s most important universities in the computer science field. Here I had the opportunity to collaborate and compare my experience with a team characterized by different cultures, skills and habits.

Lastly, I worked as a big data architect for an Italian company that combines engineering with data science in the way to create products which extract knowledge from huge amounts of data.

When I found out that Diego Piacentini was creating a team for the digitization and transformation of our country, I applied immediately. During the various job interviews I went on for this position, I got to know some of the team members - brilliant and professional people with whom I could pool my knowledge and skills.

And now here I am, with my good ol’ suitcase, ready to relocate for a new great experience.

Start Date: January 15, 2017

End Date: September 30, 2018

Period Provided: until September 16, 2018

Annual Compensation: € 60,000

Approved by the Court of Auditors: May 3, 2017

Last update: 07/31/2019
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