Lucio Pileggi

Technical Project Manager

I discovered the fascinating world of computer science, when I was a little child.. In the early 80s the first home / personal computers arrived to our homes and I started to play with their hardware and software and then to interact with the technical community. Up until a few years earlier this kind of experiences were available only to professionals or academics.

It was 1989, in Pisa and I had access to multi-user systems connected to proprietary networks and subsequently to operating systems and networks based on open industrial/academic standards: Unix and the Internet Protocol, equipped with free and open source application software and development tools. I learned the jargon of this new world and encountered the subcultures of a global community that followed what one could call hackers ethics… which immediately enraptured me.

In 1997, I began my professional activity in the Public Sector. Through open competitions, I have been able to access both, the administrative and technical roles, within academia. As a data processing technician, I was able to use, study and then manage and develop, with maximum autonomy and freedom, complex server and network architectures in the fields of academia and research. At the time, in our country, this was an avant-garde context, rich in skills and possibilities for the Internet and the open source. Those were the years in which these technologies were consolidating and growing.

Under my responsibilities fell the Unix computer systems and networks at the IT Service Center of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Pisa and then of Unix / Linux systems and scientific computing services at the Scuola Normale Superiore.

I orchestrated the migration of services from proprietary architectures to free and open ones, designed and maintained in efficiency e-mail, web, video conferencing and live streaming services, computer labs, development and educational environments, virtualization infrastructures, clusters for high-performance scientific computing.

Through collaborations with the European GRID / INFN initiatives and the GARR consortium, I participated in the implementation, testing and maintenance of high-reliability services distributed over the national and international network, following the technological paradigms that have come and gone in the last 20 years: middleware, grid, virtualization and cloud.

Over the years, I also worked as a consultant for other public, private and non-profit organizations, exchanging skills and good practices among professionally and culturally different worlds.

In the last decade the technical staff of the universities, which had built IT services from scratch, relating with the skills and needs of researchers, had to deal increasingly with regulatory innovations and practical difficulties related to the digitization processes of the Public Sector. I have therefore tried to face these problems with a renewed commitment, accepting the role of representative of the technical administrative staff in elective bodies, technical-scientific, managerial and union’s committee, within the organization of my institution.

With this multitude of interests and professional experience, I inevitably followed with great attention the challenges posed at and the activities undertaken by the Commissioner and the Digital Transformation Team. I appreciated the organic approach to different and complex problems, tackled through the idea of creating an “operating system” for the Country. An approach open to everyone’s contribution and with the ability to find methods and goals that overcome personalist tendencies, corporate logics and political divisions. Akin to what happens in technical communities that apply the principle of sharing and strive for collective progress. To this community and to its challenges I, therefore, dedicate my professional and civic commitment with a strong motivation, that will carry me in my work as “public servant at the exclusive service of the Nation” as a member of the Team.

I always dedicated my free time to my cultural passions: marginal, underground and lowbrow productions, collaboration with fanzines and the organization of musical/performative events. However, free time was first significantly reduced and then completely exhausted with the birth of my two children, a 7-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, who obviously became the greatest passion and commitment of my life.

Start Date: March 18, 2019

Period Provided: until December 31, 2019

Role and Compensation Level: D category IT Area - economic level D3 / A F3

Last update: 09/14/2019
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